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Bringing innovative tourism and activities technology to Macau, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is working with the well-known Japanese Brand, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement, to introduce the first Japanese VR experience centre in Macau. VR ZONE MACAU is authorized by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Company of Japan as a flagship store. We are creating an exciting virtual reality experience for users through the latest computer equipment! There will be different VR activities including SKI RODEO, THE BIG FEAR OF HEIGHTS EXPERIENCE. VR ZONE MACAU welcomes guests from different age ranges as it is suitable for children and adults, so come and experience this exclusive event with your family!

Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-20:00
CLOSED ON MONDAYS (Except public holidays)
*CLOSED on the following day if a public holiday falls on Monday

Contact: 8299 3388

Location: Shop 14-18E; Convention and Exhibition Centre, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

Hospital Escape Terror

Awaken from a coma; find yourself restrained to a wheelchair in a horrible abandoned hospital ward, there is no way to escape this horrifying fate without your companions. At the beginning of the game, the team goes through different routes, and there will be assembly points on the way. You have to gather all your companions before you can start the escape. In 9 minutes, you must manage to get out of the hospital to win the game. As this game requires lots of teamwork; if a member quits midway, the game will be over.

Mario Kart Arcade GP

Mario Kart Arcade GP is always a big hit! Different from all the other versions, you are going to sit inside your kart this time and race to the finish line!

Passing through all the classic traps while competing with your companions, don’t forget to catch props like banana skin, turtle shell, and hammer with your hands, and let go when you spot the karts that are in your way, tricks are still the key to win the race!

The Big Fear of Heights Experience

Little kitten goes missing!? Start the search now!

Beginning on the ground floor, once it reaches the 40th floor, which is 200m height, the lift door will open. The lost kitten is on a hanging plank; there is only one task: Rescue the kitten and return it to safety on the ground floor.

With just one step, are you dare to make the move to challenge your limit?

Ski Rodeo

Skiing, no wonder the current sports craze! The specialized sensory machine creates a shockingly real adventure, definitely an experience for all ski-lovers!

You’ve got 2 minutes! Within the time limit, you should ski from the snowy mountains to the finish line. There are no directions in the mountains, only smoke signal indication at the finishing point; will you be able to ski off the impossible cliffs to reach your destination as fast as you can?

Winged Bicycle

Experience the true thrill of flight! Players will board a foot-pedaled glider – the Winged Bicycle and flying through incredible natural scenery. Each Winged Bicycle marks with different color, an assigned pilot will lead the team to finish line. Players need to adjust the speed and height while flying over the mountain ranges, dodging rocky cliffs and plunge through waterfalls, and set off to the Castle in the Sky!

Galaga Fever

Alert! Alert! Mysterious aliens from Galaga are attacking the Earth! We are calling for all warriors! Step on the super elevator invented by Dr. Mad to fight the invaders at the height of 150m. Caution! The elevator is constantly under attack, stay attentive! Holding the powerful weapons sent by Dr. Mad, work with your comrades to crush all the aliens. The earth is now in your hands!