The Love Story of Lily & Junjun

Meet Lily in Atlantic! She is a dolphin with soft skin and bright eyes. She enjoys jumping out of the water to say hello to nearby people.
And say hello to JunJun! He is a charming and sophisticated dolphin living in the Pacific. He always fishes with other dolphins and likes to show off his jumping and rolling skills.

One day, Lily wanted to go to other places to broaden her horizons. She believed that the vast ocean must have many things she had never seen before. So Lily made up her mind and set a date to prepare for the journey. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, Junjun had the same idea to explore the world and learn more about different places. After informing his family, Junjun also packed his simple luggage and got ready to set off.

Lily and Junjun set off on their adventure on different days. Lily traveled to the Mediterranean Sea and saw the unique Posidonia oceanica, which covered a large area of the sea floor like a green meadow on land. Lily had never seen such a sight before and found it magical and spectacular. She decided to take a break and enjoy the underwater grassland.

On the other side, Junjun traveled to the intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Through the introduction of other fishes, Junjun learned about the unique monsoon and ocean current systems in the Indian Ocean, as well as the distribution and production patterns of plankton driven by the ocean system. However, he also learned that the warming trend in the Indian Ocean is more significant than in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which made him feel upset, he was worried that the marine life here would become scarcer or even extinct. He stopped at a place where he could see the sky and prayed, hoping that the rate of global warming could slow down, and the beautiful ocean could continue to spawn more different types of marine life.

Lily and Junjun continued their journey and passed through Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Maldives, the Bay of Bengal, and the South China Sea. They were happy to swim freely in the ocean, but their stamina started to decline as they needed to adapt to the different water quality in each new place. They also got lost and wanted to find a place to rest. They each swam towards a coastline and rested for a while. They felt each other and slowly approached the shore to explore. Finally, they met face to face and both found it amazing that they could meet in this place. After self-introduction, they found out that they had the same reason for leaving home. It was incredible that two dolphins who were originally far apart could meet here.

Lily and Junjun both found this place beautiful, and after asking the fish who lived here, they found out that it was the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. They had heard of this place before, with its European nostalgic style, but they didn’t expect to come here on this adventure. Both of them liked this place so much that they decided to settle down here. Gradually, they began to notice each other’s beauty and elegance, and started to fall in love with each other.

On a sunny morning, Junjun decided to express his love for Lily. He approached her and told her in a special tone that he loved her. Lily was surprised and happy to hear this and realized that she also had feelings for Junjun. From then on, Lily and Junjun became a couple. They walked together on Legend Boulevard every day, and when they were hungry, they would go to Jade Orchid to taste authentic Shanghai cuisine, try Shunde cuisine at Taigenbao Madam Chan Shunde Cuisine, and enjoy various flavors of food at the Brasserie de Paris. Every time they finished eating, they felt satisfied and content.

As time passed in Fisherman’s Wharf, Lily and Junjun’s feelings for each other grew deeper. Junjun decided to propose to Lily and give her a romantic and unforgettable proposal to express his love and commitment. Junjun had already ordered a beautiful coral flower from Nflorist café in advance. He took Lily to the Roman Square, suddenly jumped up in the air, and showed off his jumping skills. Lily was stunned, and Junjun gave her the coral flower and said, “Lily, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Lily was touched and happy. She had never thought that Junjun would propose to her in such a romantic way, the tears welled up in her eyes, and she nodded and answered, “Yes, I will!” Junjun was overjoyed when he heard Lily’s answer. They swam and played in the ocean, feeling extremely happy.

After proposal, they began preparing for their wedding. First, they went to Miss Cake to order a three-tier wedding cake. They went to Dai Kam Seafood shop to buy the gifts they needed for the wedding day, went to W DESIGN to order the wedding venue decoration, and most importantly, they went to Modern Classic to take a collection of romantic wedding photos. Finally, they chose to have their wedding banquet at The Grand Palace and share this special moment with all their family and friends. The wedding banquet was full of love and happiness, making their love story even more perfect.