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Company Overview
We are the first and most prominent private outdoor sports centre in Macau, dedicated to promoting and advancing pickleball in the area. We are the pioneers of the pickleball industry in Macau, owning and administering the first private pickleball complex, the first pickleball training base, and the first venue capable of conducting professional pickleball tournaments.

Facilities and amenities
Our state-of-the-art sports facility consists of four regulation-sized pickleball courts built to the highest international standards. Shower facilities and completely equipped changing rooms complement the excellent facilities on the playing grounds, ensuring a convenient and comfortable experience for all of our members and visitors.

Coaching Expertise
Three exceptional, nationally well-known pickleball players with a wide spectrum of expertise lead our events. Every coach is PPR-certified. From beginning to advanced, our resident coaches are in charge of offering professional direction and thorough training courses catered to athletes of all ability levels.

Event hosting and operations
In addition to serving recreational players, we are the primary host for elite pickleball competitions and activities in Macau. Along with the Macau Pickleball League, the first of its type in the city, we routinely plan and present major events such as the CPC and Huati Cup. Our experienced event management staff guarantees the perfect running of these competitions, thereby improving the sport’s reputation and providing players with an unmatched competitive environment.

Driving regional development
As the forefront of Macau’s pickleball scene, we are committed to spearheading the growth and widespread recognition of this captivating sport within the local community. Through our world-class training initiatives and first-rate event hosting capacity, we hope to generate more interest and involvement, thereby establishing Macau as a pickleball center in the Greater Bay Area.

Looking Ahead
With our first-rate facilities, knowledgeable coaching team, and experience in event management, we are ready to establish our leadership in pickleball in Macau. We will continue to fund the sport’s growth, thereby improving the quality of play and providing pickleball enthusiasts in the area with unparalleled opportunities.

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 08:00-22:00

(853)6801 3932

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