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Saída Macau launched its IG shop on May 31, 2021, gradually building up popularity and expanding its collection of artworks. Over time, it started participating in various markets and exhibitions. In June 2022, Saída Macau opened its own personal studio at Vila de Horta e Costa Industrial Building in Red Market. The studio also features Macau’s first-ever earring workshop, where participants can create unique earrings or have their existing ones refurbished. The name “Saída” was inspired by the ubiquitous signs seen in Macau that say “Exit-Saída” . Since Saída means “exit” in Portuguese, the shop chose a Portuguese name to align itself with Macau’s heritage and aims to become a jewelry store born in Macau. The logo design concept revolves around an open door, symbolizing the “exit” that leads to different places, allowing more people to discover Saída Macau. As a local handmade jewelry store, Saída Macau primarily sells handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, headpieces, and other creative accessories. They also participate in cultural and creative markets from time to time.
Opening hours
(853) 66661140
Shop 07 , Convention and Exhibition Centre,Macau Fisherman’s Wharf